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Fri · Mar 01 · 2024
7:30 pm

Grand Kyiv Ballet’s “Giselle” Takes Center Stage at Oceana Theater, New York

New York, NY – Grand Kyiv Ballet is proud to announce its captivating performance of “Giselle,” set to grace the Oceana Theater stage in New York on March 1st, 2024. This extraordinary production will feature the mesmerizing talents of the premieres of the National Opera of Ukraine, Oleksandr Stoianov and Kateryna Kukhar, celebrated as Ukraine’s most enchanting ballet couple.

“Today, Ukrainian culture is one of our most powerful weapons on the home front, and the Grand Kyiv Ballet’s artistry embodies this strength. Through the grace of dance, we not only showcase the rich cultural heritage of our nation but also honor the resilience of Ukraine in the face of adversity,” commented Oleksandr Stoianov, director of Grand Kyiv Ballet.

About the Performance “Giselle”: “Giselle” is a timeless French masterpiece that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide for over 180 years. Recognized as one of the greatest dramatic love stories ever told, the ballet recounts the tale of Giselle and the Willys, unveiling a narrative of love, betrayal, and vengeance. The legend narrates the tragic fate of young, unmarried girls, the Willys, who meet their untimely demise after being betrayed by their lovers. Overwhelmed by sorrow and anger, these vengeful spirits transform into the malevolent Willis, seeking retribution for their heartbreaking demise.

Music: Adolf Adam

Choreography: Marius Petipa, Jules Perrot, Jean Coralli

Libretto: Theophile Gautier, Jules-Henri Saint-Georges, Jean Coralli

Legend inspired by Heinrich Heine

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